Picking the perfect kitchen with Cucine Lube kitchens in Malta


The kitchen is the heart of the home and with all the options and styles available, picking the perfect one may seem overwhelming. Here are some of the current trending designs, all of which Cucine Lube cater to and can be found at Carmelo Delia – for high quality kitchens in Malta.


1. Innovative high-tech

Technological advances are impacting our lives, and since we spend quite a portion of our time in the kitchen, mechanics and high-tech gadgets are now spreading to the heart of our homes. Which is why you shouldn’t be deceived by Brava’s simple, clean aesthetic! Below the kitchen island’s precise cuts and charmingly elegant setting lies a revolutionary mechanism that allows the washing and cooking zones to be easily transformed into a large snack top and work zone, making Lube’s Brava the perfect union between elegance and innovative high-tech.


2. Unique 

For those looking for something more personalised and unique, Lube offer Creativa – an endlessly-creative kitchen incorporating smooth geometric shapes (in a range of colours) which can be customised to your taste using our furnishing program: CREATIVA.


3. Curvy

For those seeking a kitchen design without hard edges, curved cabinets make the space feel more open and inviting. For an ultra-modern, yet soft look through its rounded forms, Cucine Lube offers the Katia range. Featuring a clever play of colours matched with a multiple range of high-quality materials and finishes, Katia is a perfect blend of innovative form and ergonomics. 


4. Glassy & glossy

Glass, its unique properties, are a popular choice in the house and kitchens are no exception. Glass can be incorporated into kitchen cabinets or be used as shelves and for homemakers who aren’t keen on transparency in their decor, there are many types of glass and transparencies to choose from. Cucine Lube designed Lucy specifically for contemporary environments, for individuals seeking a high-quality, glossy aesthetic. The choice of glass - available in the latest fashion colours - has a reflective quality, and paired with Lucy’s polished aluminium frame, brings light to the space. 


5. Classic

Classic style kitchens have remained a popular choice for years and typically feature a neutral colour palate, close attention to detail and minimal use of enhanced decorative accessories. The classic models at Carmelo Delia, which include the Oprah, Vivian and Malin designs show careful craftsmanship and bring a sense of warmth to the space. 


6. Built-in

Kitchen’s today have lots of appliances, there's often not enough space for placing them all. Lube kitchens also offer the Creo Kitchens range - available in both classic and modern styles - which includes all essential built-in appliances, namely the fridge, stove, microwave oven and dishwasher. 


At Carmelo Delia, we import Cucine Lube, the leading Italian brand for kitchens, which offers a wide range of classic and modern kitchen designs. Our kitchens come in a wide spectrum of materials; ranging from laminate, to glass sections for a more luxe look, which can be mixed to match your personal taste. Our kitchens’ layouts are versatile to accommodate your space and living needs, and every kitchen design guarantees a perfect compromise between practicality and aesthetics. 

Whatever your style, Carmelo Delia is your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs in Malta, ranging from Lube kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.


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