Make your house feel like home with the perfect furniture in Malta

Whether you’re hosting guests or simply spending some quality time with your loved ones, choosing the right furniture should be of the utmost importance in order to create the right ambience where people can relax and bond with each other. Here at Carmelo Delia you can find a top selection of sofas and kitchens among our range of furniture in Malta. 

Here are a few useful tips to make your house truly feel like home:


Plan accordingly

Make sure you’ve taken all the correct measurements of the room and that you have noted the architecture. This means taking the style of doors and windows into consideration so that you have some idea of how to match any furniture to complement previously existing surroundings. 


Think about colours and shapes 

Rectangular and squarish forms take up more space than rounded ones, and neutral woods are ideal to create the right mood. Light coloured furniture blends in with pale walls to give the semblance of a wider space.


Choose an appropriate theme

If you’re looking for something neat, sleek and clean, then modern furniture is the way to go. Most pieces come in pleasant neutral colours such as white and cream, with glass, black lacquer and metal used just as much as traditional wood. 


Start off with the basics 

Sofas, side tables, armchairs – these are all must haves. Invest in good quality pieces which are sturdy and durable. Any fabrics should be stain resistant and comfortable. Once you’ve selected and coordinated the essentials, you can begin moving other furnishings in. 


Add accent pieces

Benches, plant stands and rockers can beautify a room, fill in blank spaces and amplify that personality touch. 


Consider a kitchen living area

Having an open layout not only provides direct and easy access between both rooms but also makes the process of preparing a meal before sharing it with others a more sociable one. You can carry on conversations with guests whilst doing some last minute cooking and checking on the oven. It’s also more difficult to encounter accidents when serving as there is less distance to cover. 


We provide some of the best furniture in Malta

We supply a tasteful and exquisite array of bedroom and kitchen furniture in Malta to embellish your home with beauty and comfort, including high-end, quality sofas from LoiudiceD. Contact us today for more information about our products and services, or come over and visit us in person at our showroom - we’ll be more than happy to help! 

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