A Definitive Guide to Different Types of Sofas

Arguably the heart and centre of your lounge or living room, the sofa comes in various shapes and forms to suit different room sizes, colours and taste. As a leading provider of sofas in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia share a quick and comprehensible list of sofa designs to help you choose the right one for your living room. 


The Sectional Sofa

This type of sofa comes in two different shapes: the L Shape and the U shape. It’s fast growing in popularity these days due to how easy it is to configure the number of sections and pieces to create any type of arrangement, using fixtures to bind them together and prevent them from separating. There is a broad variety of designs and materials available which can acommodate preferably large spaces.


The Mid Century Modern

Characterised by its square legs and retro appearance, this sofa is suited to modern architecture. The MCM is known for its streamlined design and minimalist appearance, and has now been making a slow but sure comeback since it was first showcased in the 1940s.


The Recliner 

Ideal for family or rooms intended for entertainment. The recliner sofa is a fairly new design adapted for the modern media-oriented lifestyle. It’s a perfect seat for kicking back while watching your favourite TV series or enjoying a movie with your family and loved ones. Most would argue that it’s quite an informal piece of furniture, however there have been quite a few swanky and high-class updates brought out during the past few years.


The Camelback

If you’re thinking of adding a traditional or old-timey touch to the room, the camelback is an elegant and classy sofa that gets its name from its arched back with two high points on each side. Its wooden fixtures come in the form of exposed legs and wood on top of the arms and back. For more modern settings, the contemporary camelback is a tasteful mix of both comfort and updated style.


The Lawson Lounge

Nowadays the Lawson is noted for its comfort and softness. It’s recognisable for its three back cushions and higher arms as opposed to its lower back. The pillows are included separately from the frame and can be moved around for extra coziness. The model is made using a range of different materials, textiles and fabrics, including leather, wood and metal. 


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