Love your curves: The benefits of having a curved kitchen

Are you a fan of relaxed, open-plan living spaces? If so, a curved kitchen may just be what you’re looking for. Carefully-placed curves can transform your kitchen into a showpiece, giving it an overall warmer and softer feel. The team at Carmelo Delia, who has been supplying our clients with the best kitchens Malta has to offer for years now, shares a few reasons we love curved kitchens so much! 


1. Curves bring a real ‘wow’ factor

Curved kitchen units range from having subtle, rounded edges to fully circular appearances; whatever the shape, they help to bring about a sense of calm in your space, creating a warmer, more relaxing environment. A rounded breakfast bar, for example, can form a captivating focal point within an open plan area, tying the whole room together. 


2. They help to promote flow

Think gentle, rolling ocean waves or countryside hills... the absence of corners within a curved kitchen helps to blur the distinction between the living and dining areas, enhancing a flow within the overall space and creating a more restful look. In fact, scientists have discovered that curved edges in a room need little cognitive effort to process. 


3. Curved kitchens are great for ergonomics

When placed strategically around the kitchen, curved furniture makes moving around the room as smooth as possible.


4. Are curves good for storage? 

The answer is: yes, absolutely! The myth that curved kitchens reduce storage capacity is often bandied about; however, with the help of a good interior designer and careful planning beforehand, a well-constructed curved scheme can maximise storage potential as much as a traditional design can. Curved kitchens are also particularly suited to modern kitchen appliances and products. 


Are you looking for the most stylish curved kitchens Malta has to offer? 

The team at Carmelo Delia is proud to support Cucine Lube, a leading Italian brand whose kitchen model CLOVER is available in a curved design, with furniture made to last, showcasing the natural beauty of tactile wood finishes. It can be customised and adapted to suit your preferences and furnishing requirements, with a thousand different shapes and styles ranging from rational and minimalist to rounded and eclectic. 

Contact us today for more information about the brands we provide, and feel free to consult us for professional advice on how you can turn your house into a home. For the most varied range of kitchens Malta has to offer, there’s no beating Carmelo Delia!

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