Your guide to choosing your ideal kitchen in Malta: classic vs. modern kitchens


Picking the perfect kitchen to truly make it the heart of your home should be fun, but with the huge variety in styles, materials and colours available on the market, the shopping process may turn into an intimidating one. Before venturing to the shops, the first step is generally choosing between a classic design or something with more of a modern flair. The team at Carmelo Delia – providers of top-quality furniture in Malta - discuss the basic elements that define classic and modern kitchen styles, so you can make the correct choice to fit into the rest of your house’s décor and reflect your personal taste. 


1. Architectural style

Classic is a theme that never goes out of style; it is warm and somewhat cosy. It is not uncommon to see legs and feet on islands, crown moulding and even a panelled hood, but in keeping with a classic style, these details are typically restrained and not ornate. Modern kitchens are chic and fashionable, and feature sharp, straight lines and block shapes. 


2. Colours

Classic: Classic kitchens are timeless yet fresh, and in fact, generally come in neutral colour palettes and simple. White defines this style, but cream and grey hues are also popular choices, coupled with stone splashbacks. 

Modern: Modern kitchens are synonymous with style and their colour scheme is always picked to be striking. It is very rare for floral patterns to make an appearance in a modern kitchen.  


3. Materials

The classic kitchen uses a lot of real wooden finishes, with pale colours that coordinate and run throughout the space, whereas the modern kitchen typically features sophisticated, man-made materials such as engineered stone created from crushed quartz and resin, and also incorporate a lot of stainless steel in its accessories.


4. Layout & storage

Free-standing fridges and appliances were more common in traditional designs, however, many kitchens nowadays - both classic and modern - cater to the need for as much storage space as possible, particularly modern themes which are all about the tidy, sleek look. Lube kitchens are offering the Creo Kitchens range, a new brand that includes all essential built-in appliances into its beautiful kitchens.


We hope this blog has enabled you to differentiate between classic and modern kitchens better, however, keep in mind that it is not necessary to pigeon-hole yourself into one style. The truth is, most spaces incorporate elements of different styles, so you can find something that lies in between or accessorise accordingly. 


The perfect kitchen can generate an ambience for the whole house and will create memories that last a lifetime. Carmelo Delia offers a wide range of Lube kitchens in Malta that caters for both modern and classic tastes, so whatever your style, we have the perfect kitchen for you. Our Birkirkara showroom also boasts a vast array of sofas and bedroom furniture, making it your one-stop-shop for home furniture in Malta.


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