5 reasons to choose FAER for your kids’ bedroom furniture in Malta

Childhood is a time for play, exploration and creativity, all which should be promoted in a safe environment - which is why your children’s bedroom deserves the best. FAER boasts endless solutions for all room types, including children’s bedrooms. Here are some key reasons to opt for FAER when shopping for your kids’ bedroom furniture in Malta.


1. Designs to suit every taste

The FAER Collection boasts a variety of options for all bedroom types, allowing you to personalise the room with a choice of colours, shapes, and designs to suit every taste. 


2. Fun-Themed

Children who are encouraged to think creatively exhibit higher self-esteem and the ability to problem-solve. Encourage creativity and make studying fun with Play - one of FAER’s designs - which features a study area with themed desk chairs that match the room. 


3. Child-Friendly Materials

Dangerous chemicals that can cause an adverse physical reaction shouldn't be lurking all over your kids’ rooms, yet they often are. Formaldehyde - mainly used in the production of coatings, as well as toxic glues and other harmful chemicals are a common presence in furniture, which makes finding child-friendly bedroom furniture in Malta a challenging task. 

Being a brand that also caters to kids’ furniture, FAER refuses to work with cheap, toxic materials and instead, chooses child-friendly materials. FAER Ambienti implements quality management systems all throughout its production to reduce indoor air pollution for the safety of your family as well as that of the environment.


4. Durable

Furniture is not something you replace every other year, and since kids present a wide range of threats to it, durability is as important as aesthetics when it comes to choosing their bedroom furniture. It is therefore important to look at bedroom furniture that offers durability in both material and style. FAER boasts items that combine style and durability, with its sturdy desk chairs and sides and shelving units being constructed with a thick structure to accommodate heavy books. 


5. Can be custom-built

All wardrobes at Carmelo Delia’s showroom are available in various lengths and compositions, including corner and sliding wardrobes, and the majority of our FAER modules are available in both standard and custom-built dimensions. 


Create blissful sleeping quarters with the best range of bedroom furniture in Malta

Our FAER Play designs offer a wide range of bedroom furniture for children, incorporating different shapes, colours and themes, all of which specially cater to the younger generation. Contact us now for more information or come over and explore our top quality furniture in our Birkirkara showroom yourselves.