The 5 most iconic sofas on TV

From the Simpsons family to the inimitable Frasier Crane, sofas have often served as the centrepiece on which some of the most famous television casts have gathered during some of the most noteworthy moments on the silver screen. As a leading provider of top quality sofas in Malta, the team at Carmelo Delia shares its pick of the most iconic sofas to have graced our TV screens. 


1. The Simpsons’ couch 

How could we possibly begin this list without mentioning what is probably the most iconic sofa on TV, animated or otherwise? The Simpsons was well-known for its ‘couch gag’ at the beginning of each episode, bookending the opening credits with a running visual joke or a humorous twist of events. 


2. Frasier Crane’s sophisticated sofa 

One of the fussiest and most histrionic sitcom characters ever, Frasier Crane was known for his highly refined tastes that affected his all his choices, right down to his apartment’s furniture; his prized Coco Chanel sofa was certainly no exception to the rule. Yet the true furniture star of this beloved 90s comedy was none other than Marty Crane’s hideous recliner, whose garish appearance was frequently a source of irritation to his snobby son (yet a great source of amusement to the audience). 


3. The Palmers’ creepy couch on Twin Peaks

The image of the villainous BOB slowly creeping over the living room sofa towards Maddy Ferguson was one of the most nightmarish scenes ever conjured up by David Lynch. The camerawork frames BOB crawling towards the screen as though he were heading directly for the audience, causing critics and fans to list the moment as one of the scariest moments of the entire series. 


4. Roseanne’s crocheted couch

Roseanne Conner’s couch was characterised by its brown plaid design and the colourful, crocheted granny blanket draped over its back. The original piece was once rumoured to be locked away in the Smithsonian Institute; however, this myth was soon dispelled by the museum’s owners. The actual sofa’s location remains unknown to this day, even by the show’s cast and crew.


5. Sheldon’s sofa on The Big Bang Theory

A running joke throughout this immensely popular sitcom is Sheldon’s fury over anyone daring to sit on his spot on the couch that he and his flatmate Leonard share. The main cast can often be seen hanging out together on this particular sofa, either sharing a takeaway or discussing the fallout of the gang’s latest shenanigans. 


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